Sunroof Fix & Repair

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A sunroof can be a nice luxury on a warm, sunny day.
But when your car’s sunroof is damaged or suddenly breaks down, that sunny day can turn stormy pretty fast — sometimes literally if the weather turns sour and the sunroof stops working in the open position.

Common sunroof repairs

Over time, sunroofs can stop working for several reasons, including broken motors, tracks that aren’t functioning properly and shattered glass.

What type of sunroof do I have?

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Spoiler sunroof: a combination of the pop-up and sliding sunroof, the tilting-up action opens the sunroof and then slides back on a track along the roof; depending on the make of the vehicle, the glass panel will self-store either above the roof or below, between the liner and roof proper
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Pop-up sunroof: a panel of glass that tilts upward on a hinge, in which the tilting action provides the ventilation; can be manual or electric and is usually removable.
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